Serge Balcaen

In 1997, Alain and Louise Carriere bought the firm "Gus Painchaud Insurance Agency" from Gilles Marius. In 2009, PMC Insurance acquired Forest Insurance, another long-time broker's home that was originally founded in 1948 by Georges Forest. After being bought by a few other owners, Serge Balcaen became the last owner of Forest Insurance in 2007. In 2009, Serge merged his operation with PMC and PMC Forest Insurance was born. In July 2014, PMC Forest Insurance made another acquisition, Assurance Henri D'Eschambault , located on Provencher Street. This office was then closed and amalgamated with the office of 135 Goulet Street. Between the three broker houses that are now merged with PMC Forest Insurance, we have over 200 years of service to clients across Manitoba.


The current owner is Serge Balcaen.


Please come and visit us at 135, rue Goulet. Parking is free at the front.


Our staff, fully bilingual, provide expertise on proprietary insurance, tenants, farms, travel, cars, boats as well as commercial insurance.

Welcome to PMC!